Are there any other ways you can help to encourage uncommon leadership in organizations?

The last question we were asked by Kogan Page was: ‘are there any other ways we want to help encourage uncommon leadership in organizations?’

Yes, we believe so! For starters, this companion website contains some great tools designed to support managers and leaders to develop their own skills, and to lead, manage and develop teams.

We are in the process of developing other resources for educators and students, especially those on MBA programmes. And of course this blog, where hope to further explore uncommon leadership, and where we’d love to hear your views and respond to your questions.

Keynote sessionsFinally, we’d welcome requests for keynote speaking engagements and workshops, like those we have already begun to deliver at several venues. So if you think we can help your organisation, just get in touch!

We hope that if you’ve read this far you’ll go on to read the book and share our passion for uncommon leadership. In it, we pay special thanks to all those managers and leaders who have shared their experiences, helped us hone our ideas, and spurred us on to write the book with their feedback.

We wrote Uncommon Leadership with them – and you – in mind!


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