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Each chapter in Uncommon Leadership has some free, downloadable tools, to help you get the most out of the book. They are designed to help you to think differently about leadership, and to give you a head-start in delivering uncommon success in your organization.

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Chapter 1 – Leading with vision

  • Tool: Finding the sense before it becomes common
  • Tool: Learning from the best

Chapter 2 – Leading with action

  • Tool: Leading with action – ethos, logos, pathos
  • Tool: Changing culture with head, heart and hand

Chapter 3 – Leading with purpose

  • Tool: Doing the common things uncommonly well
  • Tool: Leading with purpose, praising is amazing

Chapter 4 – Leading with service

  • Tool: How leading with service leads to the uncommon sense
  • Tool: Leaders as servants and stewards

Chapter 5 – Leading with people

  • Tool: Sharing leadership
  • Tool: Sharing knowledge with a ‘T’ break

Chapter 6 – Conclusion

  • Tool: The roles of Uncommon Leadership

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