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Bring Uncommon Leadership to life!

One of the best ways to make uncommon leadership more common in your organisation is to talk about it. So we’re available for speaking sessions to help explain and explore uncommon leadership to leaders in person.  With a special emphasis on the power of stories, our approach is engaging, thought-provoking and entertaining, so let us help bring uncommon leadership to life.

Use the form below to contact us about keynote sessions, master-classes or guest speaker bookings on uncommon leadership, or any of the specific themes we address in the book. Such as:

Leading with vision: Seeing the sense before it becomes common

This session explores the contents of chapter 1, with such topics as:

The obvious and the unexpected; learning from the best; sense-making and sense-giving; lessons from a fire; steps to sense-making: today’s sense, tomorrow’s vision; bridging and bonding; how to find the sense before it becomes common.

Leading with action: Shaping the organization by turning sense into common sense

This session explores the contents of chapter 2, with such topics as:

Umbrellas and the secret to success; common sense is not always common practice; ethos, logos and pathos; do you need to be eloquent to be persuasive?; argue as if you’re right, listen as if you’re wrong; bricolage leadership – “Houston we have a problem…”; culture eats strategy for breakfast; webs, icebergs and onions; the strategy–leadership divide; how to start a strategy? Don’t start with a strategy!

Leading with purpose: Showing the way by doing the common things uncommonly well

This session explores the contents of chapter 3, with such topics as:

Service, sandwiches and simple messages; the quickest route to bankruptcy?; combining uncommon sense and vision; the language of uncommon leadership; memorable businesses and memorable performances; service as a performance? all the (business) world is a stage!; would people pay to see your team perform?; walking the talk – the authenticity of action; prawn sandwiches and authenticity; the search for coffee, books and tax; mirror leadership; would you recommend your service/organization to your friends?; how do you see your work?; re-framing work – the business benefit; learning from mistakes or leading with successes? praising is amazing; feedback: the fuel of performance; small steps and next-mile leadership?; big leaps and long-jump leadership?

Leading with service: serving colleagues and customers through common touch leadership

This session explores the contents of chapter 4, with such topics as:

The poor aren’t credit worthy – working on trust; defining moments; small actions, big events; the half-million £ sandwiches; the multi-million £ pellets; “The best leadership I ever gave…..”; upside-down leadership; leaders as servants and stewards; cathedral thinkers; upside-down thinking: what’s the meaning of business?; knowledge, power and profit – the legacy of leadership; Dunnhumby and a basket full of loyalty; loyalty and the common touch; simple leadership – simple success; simple but not sure-fire; talking with crowds, walking with kings; sharing the common touch; shining a light on leadership; from serving to sharing.

Leading with others: Sharing leadership by making it more common

This session explores the contents of chapter 5, with such topics as:

The case for shared leadership; when the ordinary becomes extraordinary; when shared leadership makes sense; teams of leaders; a single, heroic leader or a team of rivals?; adapting or embedding?; natural leaders or appointed leaders?; building shared leadership; sharing vision – “I am helping Sir Christopher Wren…”; compelling pictures; shared empowerment; lazy leadership; infectious or infected leadership? from bad apples to slackers, downers and jerks; bad apples and marital bliss; when negative can be positive; sharing strengths – incompetence, mediocrity and excellence; sharing through collaboration – leading with other organizations; sharing knowledge with a “T” break; nudge leadership; influence by what you say or by what you do? a bad influence or unrecognized heroes?; building human towers – a motto for shared leadership – Strength; Balance; Courage.

Building competitive advantage through the roles of uncommon leadership

Uncommon leaders are those who build competitive advantage by thinking differently.  But it’s not enough to just think differently, gaining competitive advantage means taking action.  So this session brings together the main themes of the book and explores the roles of uncommon leadership, with such topics as:

Building uncommon competitive advantage with saliency, sagacity and serendipity; the 5-S framework and uncommon leadership roles; leading with vision requires pathfinders – looking for and delivering an uncommon advantage; leading with action requires game-changers – delivering a transforming advantage; leading with purpose requires rain-makers – delivering the value advantage; leading with service requires bridge-builders – helping to deliver the customer advantage; leading with others requires play-makers – delivering the collaborative advantage.

Tailored keynote sessions

Keynote sessionsWe can tailor keynote sessions to suit your specific needs, either on Uncommon Leadership or on our other thought-provoking leadership and management topics.  With a special emphasis on the power of stories, our approach is engaging, thought-provoking and entertaining.

So if you’re in need of a challenging, inspiring, key-note speaker, we can help your event have the impact you want with a memorable, thought-provoking, engaging presentation for a variety of situations and topics.

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