On this page you’ll find some of the reviews we’ve been getting for Uncommon Leadership. Feel free to contact us and leave your own comments.

Highly recommended! This book stands out as one of the best books on leadership that I’ve read – manages to bring a fresh and inspiring perspective whilst clearly being grounded in the real-life challenges faced by leaders. Would be equally useful to those new to a leadership role or experienced leaders wanting to develop their understanding of current ideas on best practice. Hilary Charlton.

This book is a must read! Every leader or aspiring [leader] should read this book! Every organisation should train their leaders in Uncommon Leadership, 0rganisations would be far better for it. Don’t hesitate buy it now. Jon T

Uncommon Leadership provides valuable insights and practical advice that all leaders can use to challenge conventional wisdom and deliver uncommon advantage in their organisations. Business

Solid work! A very well documented and useful book that brings out very easy to understand and easily applicable examples. Verified Amazon customer.

Uncommon Leadership makes real sense. Gloria Lombardi.

This is a practical book grounded in sound scholarship which will help anyone to make sense of leadership. Professor David Major, consultant in work-based and lifelong learning.

Comprehensive, provides a fresh perspective and illustrates what the best leaders do well to develop competitive advantage. David Robertson, Vice President and Executive Consultant, The Forum Corporation (EMEA).

I’ve read lots of management books; however this book was different. I couldn’t put it down! Sarah Parr, Director of SIA Service and Customer Access Service, Liverpool Direct Limited.

‘Uncommon Leadership’ is a tour de force of the experiences and lessons learned from seasoned, successful leaders all integrated into a fascinating intellectual package. Professor Dennis J. Garritan, Academic Dean at the Mountbatten Institute and Adjunct Professor, Harvard University.

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